Rich Faith Heritage

Our History, Commitment, and Goals

The United Church of Christ-Congregational of Delavan has had a rich history of worship, music, fellowship, education, service, and outreach. 

From our first preacher, Rev. Stephen Peet in 1841, to our current minister, dedicated clergy have inspired us to lead God-centered lives. 

Through the years, the members of the congregation worshipped in different places.  In 1841, worship was first conducted in a log cabin, followed by members’ homes, then a small wood building, and finally in 1856, a church was erected where our present building stands where it would go through several refurbishments and additions.  

Music has always played a central role in our church.  From the beginning, soloists and choirs, led by strong directors, enhanced our worship services accompanied by various instruments, especially the pipe organ. 

From the rigidity of our 10 founders, to the acceptance of all, the people of this church have always stood strong in their commitment to God, the Church, and all Creation. 

Our goals are as strong today as in the past, when we fought for the abolition of slavery, for women’s rights to vote, for the civil rights of all people, for a healthy Earth, and for peace in the World. 

The United Church of Christ-Congregational has a rich, faith heritage of worship, leadership, music, education, service, and justice, as we unite  in our quest to authentically live our faith in our constantly changing world. 


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