About us

Our mission

Our mission is to unite in our quest to authentically live our faith in our constantly changing world by:
  • Exploring open and progressive theology
  • Embracing God’s diverse creation,
  • Encountering God in relevant worship,
  • Encouraging questions, and
  • Serving the community with commitment, conviction, love, and compassion.
  • Living Out Our Faith
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On July 31, 1841, when James & Huldah Parsons, Chancey Parsons, and Jacob & Deborah Cook met with Rev. Stephen Peet to organize a church, the Delavan United Church of Christ (Congregational).  On August 11th, of that year, the first worship service was held in the home of one of the members.

The first pastor was Rev. A. Gaston and members met in homes until April of 1844 when they voted to build a frame meeting house, a 32′ x 40′ structure just west of the present building.  It wasn’t long before the membership outgrew the facilities, and in February 1856 they dedicated a new and larger church, the same building in use today.


From 1841 - PResent

  • 1844 – First meeting house built just west of current location
  • 1891 – Remodeled interior; re-seated with circular oak pews, pulpit moved to west side in front of the three founder’s memorial windows
  • 1912 – Built parsonage on land adjacent to current building & on the site of the first church building
  • 1926 – Dedicated the education building
  • 1951 – Restored the church to its 1856 general plan with the sanctuary arranged as it is today; extensively remodeled and altered surrounding sections of the church
  • 1980 – Sold and moved parsonage to Vine St.; created a Memorial Garden on the site of the original parsonage location
  • 1994 – Constructed an addition to the east side of the education building, which included a balcony, large lobby, conference room, and increased office space; completed and dedicated in 1995.


Over a century and a half of pastors

Our church has been fortunate to have over a century and a half of dedicated pastors, many with long tenures, which added stability and growth in both faith and members.

  • 1854 to 1895 – Rev. Joseph Collie

  • 1969 to 2001 – Rev. Max Rigert

  • 1998 to 2003 – Rev. Laura Mcleod, Associate Pastor

  • 2001 to 2003 – Dr. Les Wicker

  • 2003 to 2016 – Rev. Laura McLeod

  • 2016 to 2021 – Rev. Micah Schlobohn, Interim Pastor

  • 2021 to current – Rev. Christie Mandas


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